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Women entrepreneurs of AWWA scripting success story 

Abhivyakti season 2, under AWWA, promotes women entrepreneurs. Here are some inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who were present at AWWA Lit Festival Abhivyakti Season 2.  NIEUWEEK , the brand owned by one of those entrepreneurs, wooed the passers by. 

This fashionable clothing Store promotes the traditional handwork of India. Engraving the enchanting Madhubani paintings, Tikuli art and Sujani embroidery  on clothes, the sarees appeal one and all.

Speaking to EBNW Story, she said, “You don’t need to go for any international brand. it’s the heritage of ours which amalgamates with the new noir culture in vogue to give a product branded under NIEUWEEK.”

Another women entrepreneur who displayed her creativity was Sanchali Saga. She has a very beautiful creative saree collection. About a saree which attracted a huge crowd with its greenish blue coloured, she says that the saree pallu is of Ghicha(Ghicha is the silken yarn obtained from cocoon) & it has traditional Picchwayi work and kalamkari on its end. She also describes another saree which was shaded by batik work. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth. 

The principal of the Asha special school run by AWWA Ms Uma was also present at the festival to promote the creativity of their children. She said that the teachers create different environments other than ordinary schools for the students who are with specific learning disabilities and have other health impairments,. Their focus is on developing the skills of students and their motive is to connect them with the mainstream. AWWA not only has a strong team of army wives and families but they are strongly working towards promoting our art and heritage and establishing milestones for society, she added.

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