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‘School of Geeta’ Introduces ‘Geeta Contest Junior’ to School Students

In an endeavor to foster a deeper connection with cultural heritage among the youth, the School of Geeta, affiliated with the Hare Krishna Movement in Jaipur, has embarked on a unique initiative. The ‘Geeta Contest Junior,’ held under the joint auspices of the Hare Krishna Movement and the Krishna Consciousness Centre, witnessed the enthusiastic participation of thousands of students from various schools.

The contest aimed to impart the profound teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to children, instilling in them values of balance in life and nurturing a spiritual connection. Students ranging from classes five to eight were provided with books authored by Lord Krishna and Prabhupada, followed by an examination to assess their understanding.

Siddha Swaroop Das, the media in-charge of Hare Krishna Movement Jaipur, highlighted that the registration for the Geeta Contest Junior commenced on Geeta Jayanti, drawing significant interest from students across Rajasthan. The winners of the contest were rewarded with bicycles, smartwatches, LCD writing pads, and 100 VR cardboard sets.

Preparatory sessions for the contest were conducted every Monday and Wednesday from 8 to 9 pm, streamed live on the School of Geeta YouTube channel, ensuring participants were well-equipped for the examination.

Das further revealed ongoing preparations for the Geeta Contest Senior Examination in Jaipur, rescheduled to May 12th. Targeted towards individuals above 16 years old, classes are being held from May 3rd to May 5th to prepare candidates for the exam. The winners of the senior contest will be bestowed with a first prize of ₹11,000, a second prize of ₹5,100, and a third prize of ₹2,100, along with 50 consolation prizes. The award ceremony is slated for June 2nd.

Encouraging active participation in the upcoming examination, Das urged individuals to engage enthusiastically in this enriching endeavor to deepen their understanding of spiritual teachings and cultural heritage.

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