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Rajasthan: Shekhawati region and the Silk Road connection

Rajasthan’s Shekhawati region and the Silk Road, which once linked the modern-day India, Pakistan and China, are connected since ages and speak the story of splendour reflecting through its havelis which depict varying themes using natural hues

Shekhawati region, in fact, is situated in middle of this Silk Route.

The local traders, called as marwaris, built the havelis as public show of their wealth which depicted millions of themes, including Gods and Goddesses, folk mythology, daily lives of locals and advent of British rule too.

Each haveli bespeaks a story of splendour and has its own story to tell. 

The frescoes in these buildings are made with natural colour using ochre, red, white lead, lamp black and Indian yellow. 

Mandawa and Nawalgarh towns in this region have the largest concentration of havelis. 

The art is mesmerising and indicates at a time long gone by. These frescoes are not along the usual tourist path but once there, it will be worth every minute of your time.

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