FORTI Women Wing Launches Literary Circle: Bridging Gap between Culture and Social Media

A person should never stop learning- Himani Shivpuri

In celebration of Hindi Diwas, the FORTI Women Wing launched the poster of the Literary Circle at the Jawahar Kala Kendra. This initiative by the Literary Circle aims to reconnect youth and women with the rich culture and art forms of music, dance, drama, and the joy of reading books.

Dr. Sunita Sharma, President of FORTI Women Wing, kickstarted the discussion, shedding light on the fading allure of traditional art forms and reading in the age of social media. She voiced her concern about the decline of plays, theater, and the culture of reading books.

Tusharika addressed the increasing use of social media by the youth and applauded the Literary Circle’s efforts to bridge the gap between the younger generation and literature. She emphasized that not everyone grows up in an environment that fosters reading and cultural appreciation, making it vital to inspire children to develop an interest in these areas.

Lalita ji, a member of FORTI Women Wing, contributed her insights as well. Swastika Gehlot, social media influencer Priyanka, and psychologist Reena also shared their perspectives on the topic.

The event, organized under the leadership of Payal Choudhary, another senior member of FORTI Women Wing, featured Himani Shivpuri as a special guest. Himani Shivpuri, a seasoned actor in the industry, shared her experiences and wisdom. She emphasized that being a good human being is the first step for an artist, followed by patience and hard work.

Shivpuri debunked the glamour associated with Bollywood, revealing that the real work takes place behind the scenes, requiring immense patience. She shared anecdotes from her career, including how she transitioned from one role to another, like playing ‘bhua’ in “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” and similar roles in other films like Pardes. She highlighted the importance of observation skills in recognizing the unique charm of each character.

When asked about the difference between acting in Bollywood and OTT platforms, Shivpuri simplistically divided acting into good or bad, emphasizing that the medium doesn’t matter. She elaborated on theater, highlighting its unique challenge of connecting with a diverse live audience.

Shivpuri also revealed her current work in the play “Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai” with Rajendra Gupta and stressed the importance of sensitivity for an actor to understand emotions and portray different roles convincingly.

In her closing remarks, she emphasized that a good actor never stops learning, encouraging everyone to remain in a constant state of growth and learning, an ethos that defines both the profession and life’s journey. The life of an actor, she acknowledged, is filled with ups and downs, but it’s the passion for the craft that keeps them going.

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