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The upcoming 17th edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival, scheduled from February 1 to February 5, 2024, has unveiled its second list of speakers. This renowned literary extravaganza is poised to attract some of the most brilliant minds worldwide, creating a grand assembly of literary enthusiasts, writers, thinkers, and visionaries. The event is anticipated to be a captivating showcase of intellectual exchange and literary exploration.

The sessions will be organised in Indian languages like Assamese, Awadhi, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Kurukh, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Sanskrit, Tamil, Toda, Urdu and Lamani as well as in international languages.

Ticket Packages

There are 5 types of tickets available to attend Jaipur Literature Festival. Entry level tickets starts from ₹200 which most people would opt for. For students low price tickets are offered that is ₹100 for all five days (₹20/day). Below table shows all types of JLF 2024 tickets and their prices.

General Ticket 

Certainly, the general ticket for the Jaipur Literature Festival provides access to a rich experience, including session venues, merchandise spaces, bookshops, food courts, and art installation areas. It ensures attendees can fully immerse themselves in the diverse offerings of the festival.

JLF General – 1 Day Package₹200/person
JLF General – 2 Days Package₹400/person
JLF General – 3 Days Package₹600/person
JLF General – 4 Days Package₹800/person
JLF General – 5 Days Package₹800/person

Friends of Festival (FOF)

The “Friend of the Festival” tickets elevate the Jaipur Literature Festival experience, granting access to the finest programs and facilities. This premium ticket ensures attendees can enjoy the festival’s offerings at an enhanced level, contributing to a more exclusive and enriched literary experience.

Highlights of FOF at JLF

  • 1 to 3 Feb – The Jaipur Music Stage FOF All – Access Pass
  • 4 Feb – Majestic Evening at Amber Fort
  • 5 Feb – Writers’ Ball, A night with world’s finest authors, musical performances, glittering night sky

FOF Tickets 

JLF FOF – 1 Day Package₹13,500/person
JLF FOF – 2 Days Package₹24,500/person
JLF FOF – 3 Days Package₹36,000/person
JLF FOF – 4 Days Package₹46,000/person
JLF FOF – 5 Days Package₹56,000/person

Jaipur Music Stage (JMS)

Jaipur Music Stage is a music show where diverse musical genres such as jazz, rock, ghazals or the blues are performed by artists.

Highlights of JMS

  • 1 Feb: Performance by Singer Alif (Mohammad Muneem) with the band “The Tapi Project”.
  • 2 Feb: Performance by Delhi-based artist Prabh Deep with the band “The Revisit Project”.
  • 3 Feb: Performance by Salman Elahi and Harpreet with the band “Chai Met Toast”.


JLF Jaipur Music Stage – Single Ticket
1-Day Pass: ₹950/person2-Days Pass: ₹1850/person3-Days Pass: ₹2700/person

JLF Jaipur Music Stage – Couple Ticket
1-Day Pass: ₹1750/couple2-Days Pass: ₹3400/couple3-Days Pass: ₹4950/couple

JLF Jaipur Music Stage – Package for 4 Persons
1-Day Pass: ₹33002-Days Pass: ₹62003-Days Pass: ₹8700

Jaipur Book Mark

Jaipur Book Mark (JBM) stands as a decade-old B2B platform catering to professionals within the literary sphere. Serving as a central hub for the South Asian publishing industry, JBM provides a collaborative space where writers, publishers, agencies, and translators converge to engage in meaningful discussions and explore potential business opportunities. 


JLF Book Mark – 1 Day Package₹3500/person
JLF Book Mark – 2 Days Package₹6000/person
JLF Book Mark – 3 Days Package₹8500/person
JLF Book Mark – 4 Days Package₹11,000/person
JLF Book Mark – 5 Days Package₹13,000/person

Some of the Notable speakers for JLF are:

  • Akhil Katyal: A poet, translator, scholar, and author known for works like “Like Blood on the Bitten Tongue: Delhi Poems” and “How Many Countries Does the Indus Cross.”
  • Amia Srinivasan: An academic and author renowned for “The Right to Sex.”
  • Andrew Quintman: A scholar specialising in Buddhist traditions of Tibet and the Himalaya, and the author of “The Life of Milarepa.”
  • Arundhathi Subramaniam: A leading Indian poet and Sahitya Akademi Award recipient.
  • Bonnie Garmus: A copywriter, creative director, and debut novelist of “Lessons in Chemistry.”
  • Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: Celebrated author of best-selling books, including “The Palace of Illusions” and “The Last Queen.”
  • Damon Galgut: A Booker Prize-winning novelist and playwright.
  • Gulzar Saab: A legendary poet, lyricist, and scriptwriter with over 100 books to his credit.
  • Hernan Diaz: Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “Trust and in the Distance.”
  • Kai Bird: Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, journalist, and author of “American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer.”
  • Katie Kitamura: An award-winning author known for the PEN longlisted “Intimacies.”
  • Kelly Dorji: A Bhutanese actor, model, artist, and author of “The Hidden Rainbow.”
  • Luke Syson: A British museum curator and art historian, also serving as the Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum at the University of Cambridge.
  • Justice Madan B. Lokur: A former Judge of the Supreme Court of India and Judge of the Supreme Court of Fiji.
  • Navdeep Suri: Former Indian Ambassador to the UAE, High Commissioner to Australia, Ambassador to Egypt, and Consul General in Johannesburg.
  • Roger Cohen: A Pulitzer Prize and George Polk award recipient, as well as an accomplished journalist.
  • Sarnath Banerjee: A graphic novelist, artist, and filmmaker.
  • Shumona Sinha: An award-winning author of “Down with the Poor!”
  • Vivek Shanbhag: An author, editor, and playwright with 13 works of fiction to his name.
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