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Travel blog:  Places to visit in Jammu 

Ayushi Magotra, student of Saksham Sanchar Foundation shared her experience of travelling to Jammu.

1. Vaishnodevi Temple :-

Travel blog:  Places to visit in Jammu 

Lord Rama’s encounter with Vaishnavi during the period of his exile when he (Lord Rama) directed the Goddess towards the holy cave situated in Trikoot Parbat.Inside the Holy Cave the Goddess has revealed herself in the form of Holy Pindies manifesting Mata in her three forms Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi and Mata Saraswati.

It is said that Bhairon Nath, a famous Hindu Tantric, saw the young Vaishno Devi at an agricultural fair and fell madly in lusty love with her. Vaishno Devi fled into Trikuta hills to escape his amorous advances, later she turned into her original form of Durga and cut off his head with her sword in a cave.

2. Bagh-e-bahu:-

Travel blog:  Places to visit in Jammu 

The fort was originally built by Raja Bahulochan and later amended by the Dogra kings. The original structure is more than 3000 year old.

An extensive terraced garden, known as Bagh-e-Bahu, has been developed around the fort. Bahu Temple is situated inside the Bahu Fort, popularly called Bave Wali Mata Mandir. The Bahu Fort is a fortress representing the lavishness of the Dogra kings and the royal family that resided to rule the region.

3. Bawe wali Mata temple:-

Travel blog:  Places to visit in Jammu 

The temple of ‘Bawe Wali Mata’ was built in 1350 BC by Raja Bahu Lochan while the solar dynasty Kshatriya king installed the idol of Mahakali in it.

It is believed that thereafter Mahakali appeared in a dream to Maharaja Pratap Singh and told him that wish of the saint be fulfilled by immediately stopping the animal sacrifice. The very next day, Maharaja prohibited the animal sacrifice in the temple and visited the temple along with his family members.

4. Manda zoo :-

Travel blog:  Places to visit in Jammu 

Established in 1982, close to Hari Palace along old Srinagar Jammu National Highway in the peripheral area of Jammu city – has been converted into a rescue centre for the wild animals.

5. Hari Nawas Palace :-

Travel blog:  Places to visit in Jammu 

The early Nineteenth century Maharaja Hari Singh built a majestic palace by the banks of river Tawi which overlooked the city and had a panoramic view of the Trikuta hills. One of the most illustrious king to rule the state of Jammu and Kashmir for 22 years (1922-1947) was Maharaja Hari Singh.

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