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Top 8 Adventure Sports In Rajasthan For Thrill & Excitement

The adventure bug bites us at least a few times in our lifetime. The experience of the thrill makes us feel more alive and burst our senses that we just can’t get enough of it. Our holidays are our reprieve from the mundane life and adventurous sports just makes it more exciting and memorable. This royal land of Rajasthan has this fun side too. Along with the famous cultural and heritage tours you can indulge in some fantastic adventurous sports in Rajasthan for that super adrenaline rush. Here are 8
popular sports activities.

1) Hot air balloon ride: You get a chance to explore this beautiful desert landscape from a height and have a magnificent view of the lakes, mountains and palaces. It’s the most thrilling adventure sport in Rajasthan that should not be missed. Cities of Pushkar and Jaipur offer this
wonderful thing.

2) Camping: Camping on the sand dunes will be an unforgettable experience. Below the clean night sky, living in a tent with a camp-fire and cultural activities of folk dance and songs by the locals, all makes your evening bright.

3) Wildlife Safari: Rajasthan has many sanctuaries with a variety of wild animals, and exploring them can enrich your holiday experience. A safari to places like Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Sariska Tiger Sanctuary and Mukundarrah hills will take you on a thrilling ride and rejuvenate
your senses.

4) Cycling: It is cost effective and suitable for all ages. Cycling on the dusty roads of Rajasthan is the best way to experience the city streets, physical terrain, natural vegetation and rural life firsthand. While cycling you will be crossed by herders with their goats and cows, rural men
and women clad in bright clothes, children playing around, and so on.

5) Paragliding: While in the air the view of the mountains, lakes, temples and palaces will be spectacular. The sensation one feels while floating in the air is amazing. Jaipur has good trainers and sports clubs for this thrilling activity.

6) Zip Lining: It will fulfill your desire to Fly! An exhilarating aerial trip over forts, mountains,
rivers, etc will take your breath away. Excellent sport for that adrenaline rush. Cities of
Jodhpur and Alwar have this facility.

7) Trekking: Trekking in the Aravalli Hills is sure to rejuvenate your soul and bring you health benefits too. Early morning treks are the best way to detoxify your senses from the city life. Udaipur treks give you a beautiful panoramic view of lakes, mountains and marble palaces.
Treks are in Jodhpur, Udaipur, Alwar, Jaipur, etc.

8) Jeep Safari: Speedy jeeps crisscrossing the sand dunes are a well noted adventure sport in Rajasthan. The jeep trails include the desert exploration, visiting historical monuments and even touching the remote rural villages. Please contact your hotel management for bookings.
Jodhpur, Bikaner, Shekhawati, Udaipur, Pushkar, Jaipur and Jaisalmer are famous for such sports.

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