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Roaming around the streets of Panagarh: Special Navratri Days

Mehak, student of Saksham Sanchar Foundation shared her experience of visiting Panagarh during Navratri.

As a army man’s child I am exploring India in my terms since childhood. One of the experience is here at Panagarh, a city in West Bengal. You can feel and smell blooming flowers in the morning and incense smell . Unbeatable types and tastes of rasgullas and another thing that fascinate me is , for GOLLGAPPA a one of the most famous street food of India ,there people don’t use plastic cups or plates for serving gollgappa ,they use cups made from dreid  pepal tree’s leave that is also beneficial for environment .

WEST BENGAL is also infamous for  their communal tensions but I see a different face .During navarati hindus and muslims work together for preparation of upcoming nine days without a single riot this is the first time when  I saw a unity in diversity . After what I saw there I thought communal tensions and riots are only for politicians, for there own benefit .Those nine evenings are so fascinating ;durga puja ,pandals ,carnivals and many more . I think the best season for visiting the state is Navaratri.

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