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Kumbhalgarh Fort: Top 5 things to see

Kumbhalgarh Fort situated in Udaipur is a tourists’ paradise who love watching Arawali stretch spread far and wide merging with the walls of the fort to give a pristine look. Let’s have a look at the top five things to be seen at the fort…

1. Badal Mahal, a two-storied structure built by Rana Fateh Singh. It is the highest place on the fort where clouds can be seen.

2. Badshahi Bavdi, a water tank.

3.Chattris, Baoris, and water reservoirs.

4.Kumbha Palace, the residence of the king.

5. Ram Pol, the main gateway to the fort. 

Other than this there is a sound show in Kumbhalgarh fort is a key attraction for visitors who want a glimpse into the fort’s past. The duration of the show is 45 minutes approx and the Timings are 6.45pm to 7.30 pm. The tickets are quite affordable as they are of 100 rupees for Indians and 200 for foreigners. 

It is the thing that gives relaxation and also soothing to eyes and ears. 

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