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Kumbhalgarh Fort: This birth place of Maharana Pratap has inscriptions on foot of idols…

Kumbhalgrah Fort, encompassing 38km area of Udaipur has made its mark in history due to its second largest wall after the Great Wall of China. Akanksha features the historical background of this majestic fort…

The Majestic and Elegant Kumbhalgarh fort is said to be the birthplace of Maharana Pratap. 

The fort further consists of inscriptions on the foot of idols in Hanuman Pol that provides details of construction of the fort. 

The Badshahi Bavdi is a stepped tank that was built by the general of Akbar to provide drinking water to the army troops in 1578. 

The fort initially faced many problems during construction but was resolved by performing a human sacrifice and the main gate of the fortress which is the Hanuman Pol, contains the shrine and a temple to thank and remember the great sacrifice of a warrior. 

Historically, the fort played a major role in shaping the region’s past. Thanks to its strategic location, Kumbhalgarh was used as a safe refuge by the rulers of Mewar at times of threat or danger. 

The fort provided shelter to the infant Prince Udai of Mewar after Chittor fell under siege. 

Though the fort came under attack from various rulers and invaders, it remained invincible except for once when, in 1576, it was conquered by Mansingh I, the general of Emperor Akbar. Later, the fort was taken over by the colonial rulers before it finally came under the aegis of the government of Rajasthan.  

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