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Kanwar Lake in Bihar is Asia’s largest freshwater oxbow lake. Know its rare facts here!

Kanwar lake is Asia’s largest freshwater oxbow lake which is Bihar’s only Ramsar site, located in Begusarai district. Wanna know a few interesting facts on this lake. Here they are:

The lake is originally spread over 6,786 hectares.

Being a preferred destination for migratory birds, it is home to several rare aquatic species

In 1986, it was notified as a protected area and later, the central government declared it as a sanctuary to stop poaching of birds.

The lake, also known as Kabartal jheel, was declared a Ramsar site following a sustained campaign by environmentalists from across the world, who hoped that the state government might step in to conserve the wetland once it was designated as a wetland of international importance. 

However, unrestrained encroachment of land and construction of embankment on Burhi Gandak river near Majhaul village of Begusarai have choked the major water inlet to the wetland and have taken a toll.

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