Kalki Dham Temple-Where is it located? Who is Lord Kalki, where will he born?

Kalki Dham Temple, located at Aichhoda Kamboh in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, has garnered significant attention with the recent inauguration of its foundation stone laying ceremony by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Spearheaded by the Shri Kalki Dham Nirman Trust under the leadership of Acharya Pramod Krishnam, the temple holds profound significance as it anticipates the advent of Lord Kalki, the prophesied 24th avatar of Lord Vishnu, expected to manifest at the culmination of the Kali Yuga.

Lord Kalki and the Prophecy

Lord Kalki, according to religious texts, is believed to incarnate whenever unrighteousness prevails in the world. Described as the 24th avatar of Lord Vishnu, the scriptures detail a series of avatars, with 23 having already descended to restore cosmic order. The awaited Kalki Avatar is prophesied to appear at the conclusion of the Kali Yuga, signifying the end of a cycle of cosmic time.

Kalki Avatar’s Birth Date

In accordance with religious texts, the onset of the Kali Yuga began after the departure of Lord Krishna, and it is said to span a colossal 4,32,000 years. Presently, over 5,126 years of the Kali Yuga have transpired. The birth of Lord Kalki is foretold in the 24th verse of the 12th canto of the Shrimad Bhagavat Purana, coinciding with the convergence of Guru, Sun, and Moon in Pushya Nakshatra. This momentous event is expected to unfold on the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Sawan.

Kalki Avatar’s Birth Place

Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, has been designated as the sacred birthplace of the Kalki Avatar. The construction of Kalki Dham at this location is not only a testament to the profound belief in the imminent arrival of Lord Kalki but also a unique occurrence as it is the only instance where a temple is being built before the birth of the avatar.

Appearance and Role of Kalki Avatar

The sixteenth chapter of the ‘Agni Purana’ provides a vivid description of the Kalki avatar as a horseman wielding a bow and arrow. Riding on a celestial white horse named Devadatta, Lord Kalki is destined to annihilate the wrongdoers and restore righteousness in the Kali Yuga. Endowed with 64 arts, Kalki is said to undergo penance to Lord Shiva, acquiring miraculous powers to fulfill his divine mission.

The Kalki Dham Temple stands as a testament to the deep-rooted faith in the impending arrival of Lord Kalki, and its foundation stone laying ceremony, graced by the Prime Minister, marks a significant milestone in the anticipation of this auspicious event.

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