Journey to Spiritual Bliss: Om Ashram

Priyanshi Pareek

Many years ago, a prophecy foretold the emergence of a great OM in the western region of India, destined to illuminate the essence of Vedic culture and yoga across the globe. After over two decades of construction, this monumental project nears its completion by the end of 2023. This extraordinary structure, shaped in the form of an ‘OM,’ stands as the world’s largest building, housing 108 residential rooms, libraries, shops, and a conference centre. Embracing intricate carvings and constructed from pink sandstone, the magnificent temple within is a tribute to Lord Shiva.

The central structure of this expansive complex takes the form of the ancient Sanskrit symbol OM, resonating with the cosmic essence represented by its three letters: A, U, and M. Symbolizing the eternal cosmic vibration, OM stands as the primordial source of creation—an ever-present reality encompassing past, present, and future. It embodies completeness and unity, encapsulating Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the Sustainer), and Shiva (the Liberator)—the fundamental aspects of God.

The 108 residential units within this magnificent OM-shaped layout harness profound cosmic energy, mirroring the significance of the 108 beads on a Japa Mala. Adjacent to these compartments, a lake symbolizes the crescent Moon of the OM sign, while at its central point, known as bindu, a 108-foot tower adorned with 12 temples rises. Above, at 90 feet, a grand overhead water tank stands, crowned by a Surya temple paying homage to the Sun God.

Holy Guruji’s Mahasamadhi

At the core of this expansive creation lies the Samadhi of Hindu Dharma Samraat Paramhans Shree Swami Madhavanandpuriji—a magnificent mausoleum erected by our Revered Gurudev in honor of His master.

For the multitude of spiritual seekers finding solace within the illustrious lineage of Yoga in Daily Life, the Om Ashram stands as a sacred pilgrimage site.

Surrounded by an array of unique architectural marvels meticulously crafted in alignment with the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, these edifices collectively foster a serene, divine ambiance—offering tranquility, calmness, and spiritual bliss.

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