Gujarat to launch first Submarine Tourism in Dwarka

Apeksha Agarwal

Dwarka, often referred to as the city of Lord Krishna, holds a significant place in Hindu mythology. Located in the state of Gujarat, this ancient city is believed to be the dwelling place of Lord Krishna. According to Hindu mythological beliefs, Dwarka was submerged into the Arabian Sea approx around 1000 years ago. This mystical event has captivated the imagination of devotees and scholars alike, prompting archaeological investigations to uncover the lost city beneath the ocean’s depths.

With the surge in tourism across India, devotees of Lord Krishna are increasingly drawn to Dwarka, believed to be the city of their deity. Recognizing the growing interest and to enhance the visitor experience, the Gujarat government has taken a monumental step by launching a Submarine Tourism Project. This initiative aims to provide tourists with an unprecedented underwater tour, offering a glimpse into the mystique of the lost city of Dwarka.

Project overview

In a significant move to enhance tourism and development in Gujarat, the state government has taken a pioneering initiative by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mazagon Dockyard Limited (MDL). The announcement of this ambitious submarine project was made during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit held on January 10th. The collaborative effort between the Gujarat government and MDL aims to not only upgrade tourism infrastructure in the state but also contribute to its overall development, with additional benefits for religious aspects.

Sanjeev Singhal, the Chairman and Managing Director of Mazagon Dockyard Limited, shared a statement during the signing ceremony, emphasizing that any official announcement regarding the submarine project will be made only after the state government’s decision. Until the government gives its approval, the construction of the submarine will not proceed.

This strategic partnership signifies a concerted effort by the Gujarat government to diversify and boost its tourism sector. The submarine project is expected to attract both domestic and international tourists, offering a unique and immersive experience. The collaboration with Mazagon Dockyard Limited, a renowned shipyard with expertise in naval construction, reflects the commitment to ensuring the project’s success and aligning it with international standards.

The decision to unveil details about the submarine project only after obtaining the state government’s approval demonstrates a prudent approach. This cautious stance ensures that all necessary considerations and evaluations are taken into account before moving forward with the construction.

 About the submarine

The state government has launched an ambitious marine project aimed at providing visitors with an unparalleled exploration of marine life around Bet Dwarka. The initiative involves the deployment of a specially designed submarine, weighing approximately 30 tones and capable of carrying 30 passengers at a time.

This state-of-the-art submarine boasts a unique feature, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the underwater world through strategically placed windows. The vessel’s design includes two rows, ensuring that each passenger enjoys a panoramic view of the mesmerizing marine life at depths of up to 300 feet. The entire journey is expected to last approximately 2 hours, providing an immersive and unforgettable experience for tourists.

However, due to the inclusion of essential personnel such as drivers, guides, and technicians, only 24 passengers will be accommodated during each expedition. Safety measures are a top priority, with passengers provided with oxygen masks for relaxation and scuba jackets to ensure their well-being throughout the underwater journey.

While the exact cost of travel has not been announced, the project’s expenses are anticipated to be substantial. The submarine will be equipped with various amenities to enhance passenger hospitality, contributing to an overall luxurious and comfortable experience. The government envisions the completion of this unique facility before Diwali 2024, adding a distinctive attraction to the cultural and religious festivities.

Beyond providing an extraordinary adventure, the primary objective of this marine project is to engage the younger generation in religious beliefs. By exploring the mythological aspects of Bet Dwarka, the government aims to foster a deeper connection to spiritual values and beliefs. The city’s rich cultural and religious history is expected to resonate with both locals and tourists, fostering a sense of reverence and appreciation for the country’s spiritual heritage.

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