Ganesh Chaturthi Special! Studded with gold n silver, this Ganesha stands tall at 25-ft height!

Bada Ganpati Temple, situated in Indore, is famous all across due to its huge size.

With 25 ft height, this Ganesha idol is considered to be the largest idol of in Asia which was constructed in the year 1875.

As per the legend, one of the residents of the then city of Avantika (now called as Ujjain), Sri Dadhich had a dream of Lord Ganesha and he decided next day to build the statue.

The configuration of the idol is most interesting as it is made of bricks, along with limestone, jaggery and soil of the seven mocha puris. Also it hass mud from the stables of diverse animals including horse, cow and elephant. Even the powder of Pancharatna which includes diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby and topaz and the holy water of all major pilgrimage sites add to its configuration.

Even its metallic frame has gold, silver, brass, copper and iron.

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