Exploring the Vijayamangalam Jain Temple

The Vijayamangalam Jain temple, also recognized as the Chandrapraba Tirtankarar Temple, stands as a prominent Jain temple situated in the town of Vijayamangalam within the Erode district of Tamil Nadu.

Dedicated to Chandraprabha, the eighth Tirthankara of Jainism, the Vijayamangalam Jain temple adheres to the Western Ganga architectural style. Its brick Vimana faces south, and the ardhamandapa houses idols of Pañca-Parameṣṭhi. Enclosed by a prakaram entered through a gopuram, the temple harbors numerous Jain idols dating back to uncertain times. Notably, it is under the safeguard and maintenance of the Archaeological Survey of India.


Historically part of Kongu Nadu, Vijayamangalam, an ancient Jain settlement, saw the construction of the Vijayamangalam Jain temple around 678 C.E. by King Konguvelir of the Velir dynasty. King Konguvelir, in this town, composed the epic Pancha-Kaviyams and hosted a Tamil Sangam, during which his maid played a pivotal role in answering scholarly questions. In commemoration, idols of King Konguvelir, his maid, and the Tamil Sangam members were installed within the temple.

An inscription within the temple eloquently praises the beauty of Perunkathai. Additionally, Vijayamangalam village, known as the birthplace of the 12th-century Jain acharya Bhavanadi, is notable for being the author of Nannūl, a significant work on Tamil grammar. Notably, the Vijayamangalam Jain temple holds the distinction of being the oldest Jain temple in the Kongu Nadu region.

In this sacred place, Pullava, the sister of Chavundaraya, a minister during the Western Ganga dynasty, observed sallekhana—a solemn fasting unto death.

How to reach?

The temple is located in close proximity to Vijaymangalam village, with the Vijayamangalam railway station just 5 kilometers away, and Erode at a distance of 20 kilometers from Vijayamangalam. There are convenient transport facilities connecting Vijayamangalam to Erode. Adequate boarding and lodging facilities are also available in Vijayamangalam.

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