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Cave Tourism in Bihar to open the ancient history to avid travellers

Cave Tourism to be launched in Bihar in Incredible India

Cave Tourism! Doesn’t the name itself appeal you to get into its details? Well Bihar Tourism is all set to launch cave tourism in India. A visit to Barabar Caves near Gaya in Bihar state of India is sure to leave one and all amazed with its interesting stories.

Barabar Caves in Bihar

Be a witness to ancient history via Cave Tourism

These ancient caves date back to 3rd century BC. Lord Buddha and his disciples lived here to meditate and then proceeded to Bodh Gaya, 40 km away, where he attained enlightenment! Nalanda University, Rajgir and Lord Mahaveer’s birth-place and place of his death, all such most significant locations are about 50-100 km  away from Barabar.  

The new tourism destination has it all…!

Apart from the ancient Cave-cluster, there are lakes within hills, a temple atop the hill dedicated to Lord Shiva, forgotten statues like Ashoka Pillar scattered in agricultural fields, a Museum, and the people, who shall matter the most. The forest department therefore is busy in refurbishing the site to add new facilities and make this as a new Tourism Destination in India. 

Members of  the Eco Development Committees (EDCs) are being trained to execute all this so that proceeds of Eco Tourism are received by rural communities. Major gains in tourism, all over, are cornered by urban-operators and confined to a few well-to-do hands. 

Dedicated team awaits tour operators 

Surprised, why these caves remained unseen in so many years? It was because of poor decision making system. Now the decision has finally been taken. Abhishek Kumar is the Divisional Forest Officer at Gaya and heading a working group for this task. The results of the first phase are to be demonstrated by end of March 2021. Anup Kumar Singh and battery of his experts are by his side, trying to meet the deadline for this outstanding Eco Tourism Project for the country as a whole.  Interested tourism operators are welcome to take up this Bihar initiative to enhance own revenue, a new opportunity during the corona-times. 

Cave Tourism in Bihar to open the ancient history to avid travellers
The Germans had to use auto-rickshaw as their coach could not reach Barabar Cave gate, things have changed now

A cadre in the making

The Barabar communities are raising a new cadre for tourism like Guides, Escorts, Lake interpretation, Forest Walk, visit to nearby village, offering visitors “masala’ tea and if possible also the local dishes at lunch hour, finally giving them unique gifts as souvenirs, by taking care of a nature shop as well.  Contacts with Guides at Buddhist Destinations is being made. A new website is under preparation to highlight what Abhishek intends to call it as Cave Tourism. First such in India, that claims about 25 Caves and all ancient. 

Connecting with overseas operators

The officials have been informed that Hans Budzyn, enjoying nearly 50-year-old experience in Tourism and based in Cologne in Germany, will prove to be an appropriate expert to connect the Barabar Caves with overseas operators. He had led a 12-member German Group to India in 2013, and with immense difficulty, succeeded in reaching this site. He finally showcased his colleagues the worth of India’s ancient history and culture. 

Pitching in more traffic and travellers

Hans is a proven authentic source in this context. His photos of his group at Barabar can be demonstrated in the new website. His experienced comments on Nalanda, Rajgir, Bodh Gaya etc can be like certificates of sorts if to be obtained from him.  Guides at monuments, travel agents and even the “pandas” (worship facilitators) at Gaya’s Falgu river, will add to strength of such Cave Tourism if approached and grouped in appropriately. Overseas embassy offices in India will be found keen to pick up threads if contacted. Some influential Buddhist offices within India will be happy to promote this site, like those operating for Holy Dalai Lama.  The EB&W is pleased to show case photographs of Hans’ Group at Barabar, thanks to Dr. Fuchs for sharing them.  

PS: The feature image reflects Hans Group from Germany at the Barabar Cave

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