Boosting Tourism and Jobs: ‘Navya Ayodhya’ Project in UP Thrives with Paying Guest Scheme

Priyanshi Pareek

The Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department’s Paying Guest Scheme strives to showcase the diverse culinary heritage of Awadh to saints and visitors from both India and abroad. It offers a distinctive gastronomic experience, particularly emphasising millet-based dishes in celebration of International Millets Year. Beyond enriching accommodation choices for travellers, devotees, and tourists, the initiative is actively contributing to job creation in Ayodhya.

The ‘Navya Ayodhya’ project, led by the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh, is making remarkable progress with the Paying Guest Scheme under the state’s tourism department emerging as a transformative factor for visitors.

This endeavor not only boosts individual incomes but also paves the way for fresh employment opportunities. As of now, 464 individuals have received certificates out of the 600 applicants participating in this impactful scheme.

The Paying Guest Scheme by the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department seeks to acquaint saints and visitors from India and beyond with the vibrant culinary heritage of Awadh, offering a distinctive gastronomic experience. With a particular focus on millet-based dishes in honor of International Millets Year celebrations, this initiative not only enriches accommodation choices for travelers, devotees, and tourists but also plays a pivotal role in generating numerous job opportunities in Ayodhya.

The Yogi government is resolute in redefining Awadh cuisine’s identity on both national and international stages.

This endeavor seeks to spotlight local grains worldwide through the Awadh thali, showcasing dishes like Matar ka Nimona, Rice, Fara, Moong, Besan, Masoor dal, and more. Prioritizing the inclusion of various millet-based dishes such as Bajra, Jowar, Kodo, Ragi, the scheme ensures that visitors enjoy a diverse and authentic culinary experience.

Applicants desiring registration under the scheme must submit ownership documents, approved maps, character certificates, Aadhar card, PAN card, copy of the electricity bill, along with photos of the house and rooms, and two personal photographs. Homestay bookings are seamlessly managed through the “Holy Ayodhya” app, developed by the Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA).

The app provides comprehensive information on homestay availability, room numbers, facilities, personal customization, and rental details. Tourists and devotees can choose homestays tailored to their preferences, with rental prices ranging from INR 1500 to INR 2500.

The Paying Guest-based homestays have not only enriched accommodation choices but have also become a source of new job opportunities in Ayodhya, offering diverse roles for locals in and around the area.

Under the Yogi government’s leadership, the district administration, Ayodhya Development Authority, and Tourism Department are diligently executing the Paying Guest Scheme. Beyond elevating the tourism landscape, this initiative fosters self-employment and elevates individual incomes.

District Magistrate Neetish Kumar has directed the swift issuance of character certificates by the police to facilitate the seamless operation of Paying Guest houses. The state government’s ambitious goal of developing approximately 1000 homes as Paying Guest houses in Ayodhya is advancing, with applications being swiftly processed to meet this objective.

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