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A Personal Journey Through Mussoorie’s Enchanting Trails

Mahima Rathor, student of Saksham Sanchar Foundation shared her experience of travelling to Mussoorie.

“Step into my world of Mussoorie, where each corner holds a secret waiting to be discovered. Through my eyes, you’ll embark on an intimate journey through misty landscapes and quaint streets, revealing the magic that only a few have the privilege to witness.”

A Personal Journey Through Mussoorie's Enchanting Trails

Last Year I ventured the Alluring hills of mussoorie that I shall forever cherish. 

My family took off for mussoorie as the end of the road for our road trip through mountains and valleys. 

We started our trip from Jaipur, Rajasthan ending to mountains.

A Personal Journey Through Mussoorie's Enchanting Trails

Our stoppages included Meruth, Haridwar , Rishikesh and Dehradun.

We enjoyed all these places starting from the dive in Ganga to creating fantasies and from taking swing in Lakshman Jhula to flying in the skies by paragliding.

A Personal Journey Through Mussoorie's Enchanting Trails

The hills had narrow, one – way roads which was a terror along with a feeling of adventure . Driving here carefully is the most important thing for one to keep in mind.

We took stay in Mussoorie at a beautiful hotel with a beautiful and snowy view from balcony. 

From the next day we started exploring the hill station. 

From silent Cloud’s End to hustle – bustle of mall road , from Company Garden to Kempty Falls and from Dalai hills to bhatta falls we ventured everything. 

A Personal Journey Through Mussoorie's Enchanting Trails

At last as I made my way back home from Mussoorie, the winding roads seemed to echo the rhythm of my heart, each turn a reminder of the beauty I had left behind. Yet, with every mile closer to home, I couldn’t shake the feeling that a piece of my spirit remained entwined with the mountains, a silent pact between me and the hills to return, for they held secrets only my soul could decipher.

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