Jacintha Kalyan Leads the Way As India’s First Female Cricket Pitch Curator

Jacintha Kalyan is making history as India’s first female cricket pitch curator during the ongoing Women’s Premier League (WPL). Despite facing challenges and comments about being the only woman in her role, Jacintha’s dedication and love for the game led her to this groundbreaking position.

Previously working in administration, Jacintha shifted gears to become a curator, spending long hours under the sun to meticulously prepare pitches. Her commitment to excellence is clear as she continuously learns and evolves in pitch preparation, leaving a mark on the cricketing landscape.

In the current WPL edition, Jacintha is responsible for preparing pitches in Bangalore. Having cleared the BCCI curatorship exam in 2018, she brings expertise to ensure the playing surfaces offer an exciting cricketing experience. The WPL’s expansion to Bengaluru and Mumbai this year reflects the growing popularity of women’s cricket in India, providing a platform for players and fans to celebrate the sport.

BCCI secretary Jay Shah praised Jacintha’s historic achievement, highlighting her commitment and passion. He stressed the importance of recognizing individuals like her, whose behind-the-scenes efforts contribute significantly to the game’s success. Jacintha’s dedication is expected to inspire aspiring women in cricket administration and promote greater gender inclusivity in the sport.

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