Rules for wagering bonuses at Parimatch online casino

Familiarize yourself with the rules and conditions for drawing bonuses at Parimatch online casino. Find out about Parimatch bonus codes for today, bonus types and wagering requirements.

Bonus offers from online casinos and bookmakers such as Parimatch effectively attract new players and reward active users. Detailed information about available bonuses, conditions for receiving them, and wagering rules can be found on the specialized website However, before you activate and start using the bonus, it is essential to read the wagering rules carefully. These rules set the conditions under which bonus funds can be withdrawn from the casino as real money.

What is a wager, and how does it work?

A bet or wager is a form of agreement between two or more parties wherein, depending on the possibility of an event or an outcome, one party wins money held in some value from the other. Bets could be between sports matches to the election results or the weirdest event, like if it would rain the next day. The betting process usually starts with parties agreeing on the terms: what event they are betting on, the odds, and the size of the bet. 

If the event takes place according to the prediction of one of the parties, this party wins and receives the sum of the bets of all the participants at this rate according to the previously agreed odds. The bet is passed to the other party if the prediction is incorrect. Such a process could be arranged between participants individually or through an intermediary, like a bookmaker.

Features of wagering free spins and no deposit bonuses

Please note that the wagering rules usually have additional conditions and restrictions:

  • The maximum bet in online Parimatch is 300 rupees per spin or 1000 rupees per round. While the bonus is active, the bet size may be limited.
  • Acceptable games. Bets count towards wagering only on specific slot machines. Table games and progressive slots are often excluded.
  • Contribution ratio. Different games count bets differently towards wagering. Usually, the coefficient for slots is 100%, for roulette and blackjack—10-20%, and for video poker—5%.
  • Wagering period. You are given a certain amount of time to complete the wager, often 7 to 30 days. If you do not meet the deadline, the bonus will be canceled.
  • Winning limit. In rare cases, the casino limits the maximum possible winning amount from a bonus, for example, ten times the bonus amount.

Bonuses are characterized by various parameters, except for the amount of bets in the Parimatch online service. For example, free spins usually come at a fixed rate and include a limited list of slot machines on which they can be used. There are also no-deposit sign-up bonuses that often impose a maximum winning limit in addition to wagering requirements.

Examples of other promotions

Loyalty programs typically use a points or point system. Accumulated points can be exchanged for real money but with your wagering requirement. For example, 100 points with a x10 wager will give you 1000 rupees, with the need to wager 10,000 for withdrawal.

The purpose of wagering rules is to maintain the casino’s financial stability and prevent bonus hunting (attempts to profit from bonuses with minimal risk). The casino’s mathematical advantage makes wagering quite a challenge. According to statistics, only 10-20% of players successfully wager the bonus and withdraw their profits.

However, skillful use of bonuses can still bring additional income. To do this, it is recommended to choose offers with an adequate wager (up to x40), play slots with a high RTP (96%+), and avoid maximum bets. The main thing is to consider bonuses an excellent addition, not as easy money.

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