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Formula 1 streaming platforms in India

F1 2023 race viewing will get expensive as Formula 1 launches F1 TV in India.

The F1 race fans are going to experience the race with a new F1 TV. The Bahrain Grand Prix is all set to start this weekend. The much-awaited Formula 1 season 2023 is back in action. Formula 1 fans worldwide are excited to witness the vivid display of the race. However, fans in India are about to find it much more expensive to watch the races this season.

Back in the day, the previous owners who used to broadcast and stream Formula 1 races in India were Star Sports and Disney+Hotstar. Nonetheless, the most anticipated motorsport events won’t be broadcast or streamed on any of these platforms this season. F1 races will have their own televised OTT network.

Thus, to watch the Formula One action live in India, F1 fans must subscribe to the OTT service named F1 TV. The F1 race has two separate F1 TV subscription packages: one is F1 TV Access, and the other is F1 TV Pro.

The F1 TV Pro membership has offered additional intriguing services to the fans. Thus, the stream will have access to all 20 driver onboard cameras, team radio channels, in-depth pre- and post-race analysis, a description, and many more features. F1 fans in India are in for experiencing the electric drama and thrill of F1 by subscribing to F1 TV Pro.

However, fans will have access to a free 7-day trial of the F1 TV Pro subscription. Nonetheless, the trial will only be available for a short time.

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