CricketX Basic Rules of the Game

Find out from our review what rules the CricketX slot from provider SmartSoft Gaming has. It will be quite easy for a newcomer from India to understand and understand the mechanics of CricketX crash game. Secret tips from the experts we have also pointed out in our article for free. Study all the points and start making profitable bets.

CricketX – New Innovative Game with Simple Rules

Provider SmartSoft Gaming, which owns most of the crash games on the Internet, offers gamblers to try their popular product CricketX. In fact, Indian users have already managed to appreciate this product and have left only positive reviews about this game. This led to great excitement as soon as this unusual CricketX slot appeared on the company’s official website and on the platforms of legal online casinos. And all because its rules are quite simple and easy, it is enough to stick to the advice of experts. 

In this review, we will just break down the basics rules and mechanics of the CricketX slot. Learn first and win this crash game easily and profit from the first round.

Tips for CricketX gamblers

Seasoned gambling experts can guide newcomers and gamblers from India with tips and specific strategies for playing CricketX. Stick to these no-nonsense tips and you will find it much easier to work your skills at the start, without losing money. In any case, playing your intuition will not let you down if you know how to restrain yourself and stop betting on time.

  • Check out the CricketX rules: Understanding the mechanics of the game is the mandatory first step to success. You must take the time to understand the structure, scoring system, odds and the different betting options the game offers. This knowledge will help you make strategic decisions while playing the game;
  • Play alert: Be observant to spot trends and patterns in the gameplay;
  • Use the Demo version at the start: the free version is available on all legal platforms, we can practice before starting to play for real money;
  • Use the Auto Play feature: CricketX Auto Play feature can automate your bets, saving you time and ensuring consistent gameplay. Make smart use of this feature to manage your bankroll, set fixed betting amounts or determine specific multipliers for withdrawals.

The tips are not binding, however, they are just as important as betting on real sports. Yes, it’s just a slot CricketX game, but if you want to win and improve your skills, try applying tips from experienced experts who have already managed to win.

Are playing and earning rewards at CricketX legal?

It is, you don’t need to worry about the legality of your betting and registration on sites offering CricketX slot. A company called SmartSoft Gaming operates under an official license that permits the use of all online gaming products. It works only with reliable and legal bookmakers and online gambling operators, so if you see that CricketX is in the casino section, it means that it is a safe site.

CricketX – basic rules of the game

To start betting in the game CricketX, the Indian gambler must first learn the rules, which are simple and easy to understand even for a beginner. The game with excellent design and musical accompaniment implies short rounds. On the site where the game is presented will be a description of the game and open access to live chat participants after registration. Get ready:

  • A new round requires you to wait for it to start and place one or two bets of your choice to join;
  • In the beginning of the CricketX round, you see a bowler on the screen running and throwing the ball towards the player and the player is about to launch the ball into the sky with one swing;
  • While the ball goes higher and higher, the multiplier (coefficient) increases depending on the choice of the random number generator;
  • The basic task of the player is to keep an eye on the ball and press the “Stop” button at the right moment;
  • A prize amount is calculated based on the multiplier displayed when the button is pressed, where the value of the bet is multiplied by the odds;
  • If the player fails, he loses money and loses the bet;
  • The results are the same for all the participants and all rounds in the game take place in real time.

Auto Cash Out secret feature allows you to select the desired multiplier for your bet. When the chosen multiplier is reached, the winnings will be automatically cashed out. With this CricketX secret feature, players have more flexibility in managing their bets and maximizing their winnings.

How CricketX crash slot works?

There are certain rules in the CricketX game that you need to consider when choosing a platform. Beginners need to pay special attention to the betting operator first, legality and security are key points in the game. To start playing, you need to:

  1. Select an online casino with a high rating and reputation, where you will later download CricketX;
  2. Check out the rules (we’ve shown them above) and betting limits before proceeding. Use the button in the top right corner of the screen to access this information;
  3. To place your initial bet once you have an idea of how everything works;
  4. Cricket ball is tossed every 15 seconds, and there are a few seconds at the start of each round to place your bet;
  5. It is not possible to change your bet after the ball has flown away;
  6. A multiplier value increases on the screen below the cricket ball flying into the sky;
  7. Tap “CricketX Bet” to reserve your bet and multiplier.

There are two separate bets players can place at the start of each CricketX round using the controls at the bottom of the screen. You need to use the “+” and “-” symbols to set the size of the prediction. Only a few seconds are allotted to predict the amount for the round, pay attention and you will win.

Where can I play Cricket X?

Cricket X can be played for real money on the leading online casino platforms. SmartSoft Gaming has partnered with trusted betting operators, so if you open sites like Megapair, Parimatch or LeonBet, there will be this game available. You will be left to register on the site, so that soon you can quickly withdraw your winnings in local ways.

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