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World Rivers Day 2022: Know date, significance and stories behind three most famous rivers of India

World Rivers Day is celebrated on every fourth Sunday of September. This year, the World Rivers Day will be celebrated on September 25. 

As we know the ancient civilisation started from the Indus river flowing through the hills of the Himalays, each river in India holds a beautiful story as it flows across the country singing wonderful lullabies of its pride and beauty. 

Here, we share stories of three important rivers of India…

Ganges: It is considered as the most sacred river to Hindus and is also personified as Godess Ganga. The river originated from Gangotri of Himalayas and flows 2,525 km through Patliputra, Kashi, Allahbad, Varanasi, Kolkata, Badrinath, Haridwar, Kanpur, Patna, Farrukhabad, Fatehgarh, Kannauj, Chakeri with a depth of 17 m.

Indus River: This river is credited with giving rise to the largest ancient human civilisation, Indus Valley civilisation, It holds a great historical value. In fact, the word India has also been derived from Indus.

Originating through Tibetan Plateau and flowing through Ladakh Leh, Sukur, Hyderabad (Pakistan), it travels for 3,180 km. The river merges into Arabian Sea which makes 93 per cent of its share to Pakistan, five percent to India and two percent tp China. It is also known as Sindhu river.

Godavari: The second largest river after the Ganga is Godavari which has been revered in Hindu scriptures since last many centuries. It continues to hold rich cultural heritage and is the longest river in Southern India and also known as Dakshina Ganga which originated from Tryambakeshwar, Maharashtra. The river travels 1,465 km through the major towns along the river Rajahmundry, Nashik, Nanded, and Nizamabad.

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