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Valentine’s Week in Feb: Know Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Kiss Day, Teddy Day dates and their significance…

The most romantic month of year, February is the much-awaited of all months for couples of every age who love to share their love and say ‘I Do’ to their partners.

The month may be the shortest month of the year but this month has a specific week named as Valentine’s Week . It comprises total 8 days and each day has significant values.
These 8 days are zealously celebrated by couples by presenting gifts like Teddy, Chocolate, Flowers and other romantic stuffs to their loved ones.

Here are the name and significance of those 8 days of Valentines Week.

  1. Rose Day on February 7

Rose is a symbol of love and passion and the first day of Valentines week is celebrated with the sign of love. On this day, people give Rose to their loved ones to convey a love message. Rose depict the beauty of love and express the emotions hence the affection is shown by couples via exchanges of roses.
Rose Day is celebrated every year on 7th February.

  1. Propose Day on February 8

The second day in Valentine’s Week is Propose Day. This day is all about expressing hidden desires and spilling the beans. Expressing the deepest feelings in front of someone you love is not easy but this is day when you can let your special person know how much you love them. This day is not just special for single people who want to start a new relationship, but also for couples who are happily committed in relationship. People proposes their loved ones by presenting rings, Flowers, Greeting cards etc.
Propose Day is celebrated every year on 8th February.

  1. Chocolate Day on February 9

Have you ever wondered why the chocolate is synonymous to love? 
Reason is, Chocolate is considered aphrodisiac food. Eating chocolate releases Phenylethylamine and Serotonin which increases the levels of chemical that startle the feelings of love. Hence people present Chocolates as a gift to their loved ones.  A chocolate and a hug can be the best combination to show your love in the valentine’s week.
Chocolate day is celebrated every year on 9th February.

  1. Teddy Day on February 10

The 4th day of Valentines week is Teddy day. Teddy is another symbol of love and comfort. We all need someone to hug when feeling happy and sad hence Teddy is best option to gift as it will remind them of you. The main purpose behind gifting a Teddy bear is to provide hug , a feeling of love and comfort.
Teddy Day celebrated every year on 10th February.

  1. Promise Day on February 11

Promise is a big word. It is something to assure that the statement you are making you will always follow it.
It is an important day for the lovebirds out there. Couples gives promise to each other and show how unconditionally they love each other. Since promise plays some good roles in maintaining a healthy relationship , some promises strengthen the relationships.
Promise Day is celebrated every year on 11th February.

  1. Hug Day on February 12

Hug between two humans does help in the release of a hormone called ‘Oxytocin’ which is also called the ‘love hormone’ or ‘bonding hormone’ which makes one feel warm, loved, good and fuzzy inside. On this day, people hug their loved ones sweetly with love and affection. Offering  a sweet hug to special person shows that you  love them and will always be there for them.

Overall, hug is the best way to show your love and affection towards loved ones and make them feel that you love them.

Hug day is 6th important day of Valentines day.
It celebrated every year on 12th February.

  1. Kiss Day on February 13

Kiss is a way to express emotions of love, passion, respect, affection and peace. When humans kiss, their brains release chemicals like oxytocin and oxytocin is the chemical linked to the love hormone. This increases endorphins and make the body feel happy. This simple physical act is the best way to connect with your partner emotionally and mentally.

On this day couples kisses each other and show their love.
It is celebrated every year on 13th February.

  1. Valentines Day on 14 February

Now comes the main day of Valentines week. The most awaited day for love birds. This is the main day when lovers express affection towards their valentines by greetings and gifts.The day falls on February 14 every year. Couples celebrate this day for the blissful excitement of finding one’s perfect mate

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