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The tulip festival will be celebrated by the NDMC on the Shanti Path lawns

In order to welcome spring, the NDMC will host a 13-day tulip festival starting on Tuesday on the grounds of Shanti Path in Chanakyapuri.
Numerous intersections nearby, including Shanti Path, have already been decorated with thousands of red and white tulips that were sent in from the Netherlands.

On February 18, 19, 25, and 26, the Shanti Path’s grounds will host the Tulip Walk.

The NDMC imported 1.24 lakh tulip bulbs from the Netherlands and planted them in the Shanti Path lawns the first week of January.
According to a New Delhi Municipal Council representative, “The quantity of tulips planted has been doubled to showcase the city’s beauty with tulip blossoms in every location of NDMC area.”

The G20 Foreign Ministers Conference, which will take place March 1-2, 2023, will take place at the same time as the tulip bloom.

The municipal organization has encouraged photographers to take photos of tulips and submit them for the competition in partnership with the “Heritage Photography Club.”

Every day, NDMC will choose the top three photos and post them to its social media channels.

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