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The beauty of the Dhulendi Festival

The theme of this year Dhulendi festival will be "Holi Ke Rang, Suraksha Ke Sang."

The beautiful festival of Holi brings color to India. Thus, it is a festival filled with culture and tradition. Thus, the tourism department will organize the Dhulendi festival on March 7 at Hotel Khasa Kothi. According to the reports, about 2000 tourists will participate in the event. The event is entirely organized for tourists.

After three years, the Dhulendi festival is being organized by the Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, Upendra Singh Shekhawat. The theme of this year will be “Holi Ke Rang, Suraksha Ke Sang.” At the festival, the tourist department will provide tours and travel facilities to the tourists.
The festival organizers will provide a special gulal for tourists to participate in. The program will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thus, during the festival, refreshments and other essentials will be provided to foreign dignitaries.

The perks of organizing the Dhulendi festival in Kothi Different artists performing Kelnbeliya dance, Mayur dance, Kachhi Ghodi, and Langa-Manganiyar will ask the tourists to join the activity. Traditional hospitality will be on display during the festival.

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