By 2030, robots will be responsible for 40% of household tasks.

The AI experts promise robots will acquire the shops shortly

The world has changed drastically with the rapid transition of technology and advancement. Thus, it made things easier. Every day, progress is being made. As a result, the world will soon be a different place. According to 65 AI experts from the United Kingdom and Japan, humans will no longer be needed in stores in a decade. The workload will decrease by 60%.

The experts state that AI will do everything that falls under the supervision of stores, from cleaning the stores to taking care of customers. Thus, these robots will assist in household work by 39%. However, the robots will not be able to help with childcare or take care of elderly people.
While we are talking about simplifying our efforts, privacy is something we often overlook. “As technology advances day by day, the biggest question arises about privacy,” says Ektrina Hartog, professor of AI and society at Oxford University. There are plenty of things online that observe everything daily. Automation devices record everything from time to time.

She later exclaims that AI will offer equal opportunity to men and women in the outer world. As per the records in Japan, women do five times as much unpaid work in the household as men. Thus, the robots can be utilized to assist in those criteria and provide generous aid to equal opportunity.

In a restaurant named Zagreb Restaurant, robots cook food for the customers. According to the feedback, the robots are experts in taste, and there is no difference. Some of the robots are efficient enough for brain surgery. Similarly, in Amazon Supermarket, New York, USA, most of the work is done by robots, from billing to cleaning.
Thus, it is true that robots will change the face of the world soon.

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