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Ranakpur Jawai Bandh Festival in Rajasthan celebrating the presence of ancient temples

The Ranakpur Jawai Bandh festival is one of the beautiful festivals of Rajasthan which celebrates the presence of ancient yet mesmerising temples.

The festival is vibrant, and it blends well with the theme of the land. The department of tourism plays a major role in the arrangement and organises the whole festival. Thus, it is one of the festivals that is rooted in its meaning.

Jawai Bandh is one of the biggest and most supportive dams in Rajasthan. The dam was built to prevent the land from major flooding. Later, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions. And the annual Ranakpur Jawai Bandh Festival garnered more tourist footfall here.

The festival is scheduled to take place this year from December 21st to December 22nd.

The land of Ranakpur is well known as the divine city of Rajasthan. The place has some of the most marvellous temples, such as the Jain temple and the Sun Temple, which add a perfect blend of divinity and greenery to the land.

During the festival of Ranakpur Jawai Bandh, the place looks more serene, and the beauty of all these ancient temples carries with it the festival. There are many activities which add more beauty to the festival. Those activities are traditionally inspired and have a hint of Rajasthan heritage. Plus, there are activities that promote health, such as yoga. Yoga is one of the activities that have attracted many tourists. Plus, the hot air balloon ride.

Thus, if you want to visit one of the most ancient temples in India at its best, visit the beautiful festival of Ranakpur Jawai Bandh.

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