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Diwali 2022: Know date, significance and eco-friendly tips for gifting…

Diwali is one of india’s biggest festivals in which people light up their houses a with diyas and lamps and exchange gifts and sweets with friends and relatives.

This year in 2022, Diwali will be celebrated on 24th October and hence people are seen making comprehensive gift list to be presented to their loved ones.

However, the EBNW Story on this occasion, strongly recommends the sustainable gifts as we need to celebrate the festival while take care of our surroundings.

In this endeavour, we suggest gifting your loved family members and friends plants and other eco-friendly objects which will help the environment. 

Decoration is one of the most significant part of Diwali. Hence we suggest using flowers or substances that are not harmful to our nature. 

Gifting is also a significant factor in the Diwali celebration. Thus, we should find a way to use recyclable gift wrappers. It is affordable and a prominent factor in supporting the usage of recycling. 

This Diwali celebrate the festival with an approach to support and promote nature, which is significant to the festival’s goodness. 

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