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Deepotsav lights up Krishna Balaram temple in Jaipur during holy Kartik month

The Krishna Balaram temple in Jaipur was lit up with diyas as the holy Kartik month started on Sunday. On this occasion, Krishna’ tableau has also been decorated with diyas.

Deepotsav will be is a month-long festival. The holy Kartik month recalls the beautiful childhood days of Lord Krishna when he used to steal butter and consequently his beloved mother Yashoda used to tie him with the oak with a rope. In Sanskrit, “Dama” means rope and “Udar” means stomach. Damodar refers to Lord Krishna who was tied with a rope by his mother Yashoda. After the evening aarti, lamps of ghee are being offered to the deity along with the grand hymn of Shri Damodarastakam each day.

Every day in this month, the temple will be decorated with thousands of lamps. The lighting of hundreds of lamps placed in front of the altar will radiate divine radiance in the main temple hall, enhancing the spirit of devotion.

Deepotsav lights up Krishna Balaram temple in Jaipur during holy Kartik month
Devotees spraying in the lit up temple premises in Shri Krishna Balram Temple.

The President of the temple Amitasana Das said that it is not possible to describe the glory of Kartik month. 

“In this month, devotees observe a fast (Damodar Vrat) and worship Lord Damodar with a lamp of ghee every day. It is said that offering a lamp to Lord Hari in the month of Kartik brings unlimited prosperity, beauty and wealth. All sins committed in thousands and millions of births are destroyed, and one attains the eternal spiritual world where there is no suffering,” he added.

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