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Baglamukhi Jayanthi 2021 Date, Time, Significance, Wishes Quotes Poste and divine aspects

Baglamukhi Jayanthi, each year, is observed on Vaisakh Shukla Ashtami or eighth day in the bright half of Vaisakh month. The goddess, as per legends, manifested during the great flood and storm that might have washed out human existence from earth and it had to be controlled. 

Out of the ten Mahavidyas, Bagalamukhi is a powerful Mahavidya who can paralyse any evil soul and hence is well known for protecting her devotees from evil powers.  

Bagalamukhi Devi strengthens planet Mars which eventually mitigates problems between married couples. Her portrayal presents her as a goddess with a golden complexion who remains dressed in yellow while she sits in a golden throne in the midst of an ocean of nectar full of lotuses. She wears fine jewellery and also wears champakablossoms.

Baglamukhi Jayanthi 2021: The Divine Aspects Of Goddess Baglamukhi

Baglamukhi yellow clothes and golden complexion marks peace and prosperity; She controls over life and death and is said to be a form of ‘Brahmastra’, popularly called ‘Brahmastra Roopini’. Having the weapon to destroy the enemies of the universe, she has the capability of paralyzing the evil forces and is also said to have excessive magical powers.

Goddess Baglamukhi brings prosperity, stability and blesses longevity. 

Baglamukhi Jayanthi 2021: Importance Of Baglamukhi Jayanthi

Goddess Bagalamukhi has powerful siddhis which grant its devotees courage and solutions for all sorts of legal problems, bringing in positivity in the form of immense power, supremacy, and dominance.

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