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Aditya Khemka speaks the story of security and success. Know how?

Aditya Khemka a visionary leader, who created a revolutionary movement in electronic security and surveillance

Technology has made a lot of differences from the days before. Thus, one of the names that has made a great vision is Aditya Khemka. The technologies that have made a great name in the Indian market are color monitors, video editing and digital audio software, and 3D animation.

Aditya Khemka has already been the pioneer of electronic security equipment. However, Aditya Khemka has been in the IT industry for the past more than 2 decades.

Security and surveillance have been one of the most important parts of today’s life. Thus, to develop more in the industry of security, Mr. Aditya Khemka initiated major steps with his CP Plus technology. Mr. Khemka noticed that there is not much security surveillance technology in the nation.

Back in 2007, Mr. Khemka launched CP Plus in the sector of surveillance and security. The organization installed a set of 4-8 CCTV cameras in your home required shelling out a substantial sum of money.

Managing director, Aditya Khemka stated, “Ours is a brand that stays with you for life & it is through enriching your life with peace & reliability that we have succeeded in prevailing across boundaries & industries, empowering people to thrive in their direction. The foundation of our commitment stands on our resolution to remain a quality-driven, value-for-money, made-in-India brand that never fails to more than meet the expectations of our customers & stakeholders.”

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