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The Spectacular Extravaganza: Rajasthan Hosted the Biggest Mass Wedding in History

2000 Acres of Luxurious Tents, 5 Lakh Esteemed Guests, and a Culinary Marvel of 300 Tractors Serving Delectable Delights

Rajasthan played host to the most spectacular mass wedding ever witnessed. This momentous occasion not only captured the attention of Rajasthan but was also hailed as the grandest mass wedding in the entire nation and the world. Such was the magnitude of this event that organizers extended invitations to officials from the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records, who eagerly arrived in Rajasthan to bear witness to this remarkable affair. After meticulous preparations spanning an entire month, the auspicious day for this glorious union was set for May 26th.

The vibrant city of Bāṁra bustled with activity as the preparations for this event were in full swing for the past seven days. The air was filled with the aroma of delectable sweets and savory delicacies, lovingly crafted for the occasion. It was estimated that an astonishing five lakh guests graced this momentous occasion, and the preparations ensured a flawless experience for each one of them.

This extraordinary event was named the “All Religion Free Wedding Summit.” A staggering 2200 couples registered to partake in this grand celebration of love. Media coordinator Manoj Jain Adinath, entrusted with overseeing the seamless execution of the mass wedding, revealed that the entire team was diligently devoted to their tasks. The preparations, which had been in progress for a month, were executed with utmost precision. The culinary experts toiled away for the past five days, conjuring up a delectable feast. With the anticipation of thousands of guests, a staggering three lakh kilograms of provisions were meticulously prepared.

This included 800 quintals of the delectable “nukti,” a mouthwatering sweet made from gram flour, along with an equal amount of besan sweets. Additionally, 350 quintals of tantalizing snacks were prepared to satiate the discerning palates of the attendees. To complement the feast, 500 quintals of luscious mango pickles were meticulously crafted. In addition, a staggering fifteen hundred quintals of pudi, a traditional fried bread, and vegetables were arranged, with preparations commencing from the night before the event. The sumptuous meals were served from 10 am to 6 pm on the 26th, ensuring that each guest was treated to a memorable culinary experience.

The meticulously crafted menu boasted an array of delectable treats, including irresistible nukti besan sweets, tantalizing snacks, flavorsome mango pickles, and the delectable Pudi. With such an indulgent spread, each guest could expect a gastronomic journey like no other. The approximate expenditure per person was estimated to be around 150 rupees, a small price to pay for the lavish affair that awaited them. To accommodate the massive quantity of the delectable nukti sweets, tractor trolleys were employed, ensuring their safe storage. The trolleys were thoughtfully covered with plastic to preserve the freshness and quality of the delicacies. Similar arrangements were made for the besan sweets, expertly packed and stored. The mouthwatering snacks, on the other hand, were diligently packed into large, sturdy polythene packets to retain their tempting flavors.

This grand celebration was an unparalleled display of opulence, love, and community. As Rajasthan embraced this extraordinary occasion, it set the stage for a monumental event that will be etched in the annals of history.

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