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Discover Real-Time Train Running Status with Live Map Tools in India

Keeping track of train schedules and delays is crucial for millions of people who rely on the Indian railway network. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a concerned family member, or a curious enthusiast, having access to live train running status updates can greatly enhance your journey. Fortunately, India offers a range of live map tools that provide real-time information on train locations, arrival and departure times, and other essential details. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top train running status live map tools in India and how they can simplify your travel experience.

  1. National Train Enquiry System (NTES): The National Train Enquiry System, developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), is one of the most reliable and widely used platforms for tracking train schedules in India. It offers a comprehensive live map that displays train locations, expected arrival and departure times, delays, and more. With NTES, you can search for specific trains, check their current status, and plan your journey accordingly. The platform is accessible through a website, mobile app, and even through SMS.
  2. Where is My Train: Where is My Train is a popular mobile app that provides real-time train running status and live location tracking. The app offers a user-friendly interface with a map displaying train movements. It allows users to search for trains, check their current positions, and view estimated arrival times at various stations. Where is My Train also provides additional features such as PNR status tracking and seat availability information, making it a comprehensive tool for Indian railway travelers.
  3. RailYatri: RailYatri is another reliable platform that offers live train running status updates. Its live map feature enables users to track trains and view their positions on a map. The app provides information on delays, estimated arrival times, and platform numbers. RailYatri also includes features like PNR status checking, seat availability, and even food ordering during train journeys, making it a versatile companion for travelers.
  4. ixigo Trains: ixigo Trains is a popular travel app that offers a range of features, including live train running status. The app allows users to track train locations, view their expected arrival and departure times, and monitor delays. ixigo Trains also provides information on seat availability, fares, and PNR status. Additionally, the app offers a user-friendly interface and supports multiple languages, enhancing its accessibility for a diverse user base.

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