World’s Cheapest Petrol in Venezuela, Rs 3.008 per Litre

World’s cheapest petrol is found in the country of Venezuela, where the price, according to the Indian rupees, is 3.008 per litre.

Venezuela is known to have the cheapest petrol in the world, where the price, in India rupees, is 3.008 (0.04 dollar) per litre. The country is home to some of the biggest oil reserves in the world, but also with a very low income.

According to the energy sector website, Venezuela is followed by Iran with petrol prices at Rs 4.50 per litre. Syria stands at the third place with a price of Rs 17.35/ litre.

List of petrol prices of countries
List of petrol prices of countries. (Source:

The average price of gasoline around the world is Rs 92.02/litre. These prices differ from country to country. Richer countries have higher prices, while the poorer ones and those that produce and export oil have lower prices. Taxes and subsidies for gasoline is also a contributing factor for differing prices.

Among the top ten cheapest countries, five are located in Asia, four in Africa, and one in South America. Hong Kong has the most expensive gasoline at Rs 197.12/litre, followed by Netherlands and Norway.

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