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Women working more than men for two decades says the PEW research center of America

The PEW research center comments on the participation of working women in the professional obligation is more than that of men in society

Dimple Arora reports on the participation of women. Whether it’s household or professional obligations, women contribute to society just as much as men do.

In our society, women are contributing equally as men whether we talk about responsibilities at home or in the office. Women are one step ahead of men in every work and interest. However, it is found that ladies spend a large amount of their time in the household and taking care of their family and children. Whereas men are spending more time on work and rest.
In the survey of PEW research, it is found that:

1) 29% of couples earn almost the same salary as each other, 55% of married men earn more than women while in 16% of couples, women earn more than men.
2) 49% of people say that women can manage both homes and work efficiently and effectively.
3) 35% of people say that men give importance to both home and work duties.
4) 31% of people believe that women are more focused on their works

Over the last 20 years, the wage generation difference in the United States has been constant. Women will earn 82% of what males would earn in 2022. The results for 2022 are comparable to those of 2002 when women earned 80% of what men did.

Although women have increased their representation in higher-paying jobs historically held by men, such as professional and managerial positions. However, women are still regarded to be overrepresented in lower-paying jobs. It manifests itself as salary disparities between men and women.

The fact that women are treated differently than men is thought to play a significant part in the gap. While 45% of women believe the disparity is due to the choices that women make those men do not. Women have diverse attitudes whether it comes to emotional or practical thinking decisions.

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