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There’s no living evidence of Aliens on earth despite the alleged UFOs sightings, states Pentagon’s report.

As per the reports on the UFO from the Pentagon, Washington (USA), there is currently no proof of alien activity on Earth.

As per the reports on the UFO from the Pentagon, Washington (USA), there is currently no proof of alien activity on Earth.

According to a report by a Pentagon official, it is being officialized there is no evidence related to aliens visiting the earth. Also, he has not yet found anything in those holdings that would indicate that there has been an alien space visitation, an alien crash, or anything like that.

Thus, Senior military authorities claimed on Friday that despite the Pentagon’s renewed efforts to investigate UFOs, it claims, there is still no proof that aliens had visited Earth or crashed-landed here.

However, they claim that the Pentagon’s efforts to investigate unusual, unexplained objects, whether in space, the air, or even underwater, generated hundreds of fresh reports currently being investigated.

Nonetheless, they have not yet observed anything that suggests intelligent extraterrestrial life.

The recently recruited chief of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), Sean Kirkpatrick, stated that he was taking a scientific approach to the examination and did not fully exclude the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

The goal of AARO is to assist in identifying potential risks to the safety of U.S. military activities and to global defense. The organization’s aim is to concentrate on inexplicable behavior around army bases, limited airspace, and additional areas of interest.

According to the reports, more than 140 instances of “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAPs, as the U.S. military officially refers to them, were reported in a government report from the previous year. Where the study stated that all except one of the mentioned sightings, which was thought to be a case of a big balloon bursting, remain unexplained and need more investigation.

Despite the reports of sighting UFOs, the pentagon’s recent reports clear that there is no alien visitation on earth.

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