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Know more about ChatGPT for a better tech guide understanding

Chatgpt is a brand new tool with an advanced tech guide. However, it is not an alternative choice for google

After the launch of Chatgpt, people are very keen to know more about artificial intelligence. During the last few weeks, a lot of theories have been made about the usage of ChatGPT. Thus, Chat GPT can write code for a computer program or is even efficient enough to write an essay.
The experts advise that one should improve their academic and professional skills.

ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence. It is made available through OpenAI. Thus, it is a significant advancement in technology. As per experts, the future will now be explained in terms of pre-GPT and post-GPT, like pre-Google and post-Google.

Thus, it is crucial to utilize the tool as a learning experience since only then will you be able to determine if the response one gave to ChatGPT was accurate. However, understand the answers rather than copy and paste them.
Nonetheless, this is not a replacement for Google. For comprehensive knowledge on any topic, Google is preferable.
ChatGPT is a tool for generating codes that engineers may obtain as a solution. Thus, from ChatGPT, it takes 2 minutes to resolve any code issue. Thus, ChatGPT is preferable to Google in this scenario if you need to quickly make notes.

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