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Iranian women watched football match in stadium after 42 years

Iranian women were allowed into a stadium in Tehran to watch a league football match for the first time after pressure from international bodies. These women watched this match in stadium after around 43 years. Akanksha reports...

It was successful due to the enforcement of the Islamic revolution. The Islamic revolution was the only source that made efforts to visualize this matter, which led to the abolition of the ban. 

Iranian women were seen sitting in the stadium, cheering for their football team as the long-term ban over women watching football matches finally ended. However, they were seen sitting completely afar from the male audience. 

The domestic league football match was held in Tehran, and women enjoyed the match for the first time in 43 years. Due to the pressure and work of the Islamic revolution since 1979, Iranian women were allowed to watch football matches. It is one of the revolutions for the women of Iran. 

Several videos and images surfaced on social media, showing their happiness, which was gleeful after so many years. 

Aljazeera also reported on this occasion, as they reported that women were seen happy and cheerful, holding flags of their favourite football team and making sure to hold other women, as this was none other than a festival for women in Iran. 

Iranian women watched football match in stadium after 42 years

Nonetheless, the media reported that even though women were allowed to watch the match, they were seen completely afar from the men’s section, creating a barrier. Many women supervisors wore a gown covering them from head to toe, supervising women to cover their heads with headscarves. Also, they were seen taking entry from a special entrance, as they were allowed to watch the match, but there were many restrictions, seen very clearly. Not only that, many women held placards of the football fan Sahar Khoyadari, who sadly ended her life in 2019. Many women cheered her nickname in the stadium, “blue girl”. 

The abolition of the ban was enforced, as the country qualifies for the FIFA Qatar world cup; the match is said to be held possibly in November this year. 

This has become one of the most cheerful news for the women in Iran, as it outshines how women are given the space and place for the things and sports they love with their whole hearts. Not to miss that it’s one of the most powerful news. However, as time empowers women, many things will change to empower them and their hearts.

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