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Kalibangan, India’s earliest ploughed field site, takes you centuries back..

Kalibangan, India’s earliest agricultural ploughed field site (3500B.C-1750 B.C), is located between Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan and Suratgarh. 

It was discovered by Luigi Pio Tessutori, an Italian Indologist which was later excavated by BB Lal and K Ghosh in the year 1952  and became widely known for its Pottery and terracotta Bangles founds.

Kalibangan Civilization is a part of early Harappan Civilization. During this civilization, the use of copper was frequent which shows evidences of Harappan as well as proto Harappan Culture.

The area had a large Pile of earth’s stones around which Punjabi speaking localities inhabit. On these mound surface, large amount of weather stained terracotta bangles were found thus naming it‘’ Kalibangan “.

Believed to be located around the banks of Saraswati river, it is considered to be one of the most important sites of Indus Valley Civilization or Harappan Civilization .

As witnessed in other Harappan sites, the architectural settlements were divided into Citadels and lower town.

Seals, coins, pottery, wooden drainage, camel’s bone, charging bulls, fire altars were some prominently uncovered stuff during the excavation period.

Ploughing features of Kalibangan –

Evidences of mud bricks work were primary witnessed in this site. The agricultural furrows were then in the cross-grid patterns, thus allowing farming two crops simultaneously, similar to the modern day ploughing. 

This pattern consists of furrows placed about 30 cm apart running east-west and other spaced about 190 cm apart running north-south. From the many such discoveries it can be understood that people at that time would be relied majorly on the agriculture. The ploughing was done by woods instruments and   mud bricks were used for the fortification.

It is to also note that this is also considered to be the first ever site to document a ‘earthquake”

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