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Amazon Forests: Man of the Hole, last man of the slaughtered tribe, dies

The last man of the slaughtered tribe dies: The only person alive in the tribe massacred in 1995 dies after showing the world the power of resistance and will.

The Last man of this specific tribe dies alone in the huge forest of amazon, with a leaf in his hands. The man not only showed the world what great measures of willpower and resistance he thrived with while being alive alone. He refused to speak to other individuals and kept close to his silent. 

Brazilian agency FUNAI (Fundacao Nacional do Indio) is a foundation that works and monitors to protect the lives of indigenous people and isolated tribes. The Brazilian Indian foundation was the very foundation which was the one who observed the man and monitored him for 26 years after the rampage. Funai found the man in the swing by his hut covered in macaw feathers.

The community of the man was not like what it was, things were different before the massacre that took everybody’s life from the tribe. The man was also named “man of the hole” because he was famous for digging pits in every corner of his land. It is reported that each of his huts had a hole. 

He lived his whole life in 50 square miles, covered in the huge grove and ranches, bound by a specific law that strictly restricted other interventions of others in the area. 

By the reports of Funai, the man is expected to be around the age of 60 as no one knows his real age. 

In the report, it has been cleared that the man died due to some natural cause. Nonetheless, a criminal search is taking place to look out for other findings. His body is respectfully sent to the capital for further forensic analysis, as some DNA tests remain. However, the man will be buried in the land where he lived all his life. 

The man was the only survivor left from the slaughter that was done in the year 1995, where the greedy ranchers killed the people of the tribe in the hope of more land. The man of the hole remained the only member of the tribe who survived the attack. From there on, he lived his life alone, not talking to any other tribe, and nobody knew if it was his fear or resolution. 

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