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World Athletics Day 2021: History, objective, significance &  everything you need to know

World Athletics Day is celebrated each day on May 7 every year. It was introduced in 1996 as a social responsibility project ‘Athletic for a better world’.

World Athletics Day 2021 is being celebrated on May 7 each year since 1996 after a first of its kind event was launched by then IAAF president Primo Nebiolo.

The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) started the celebration of  the World Athletics Day to promote participation in sports among the youngsters. It is being operated as IAAF’s social responsibility project, called ‘Athletics for a Better World’. On World Athletics day, we take a look at how the event is celebrated globally every year to spread awareness among children and youth regarding the importance of fitness and be healthy.

World Athletics Day 2021 History

World Athletics Day was started in 1996 by the then IAAF President Primo Nebiolo. The World Athletics federation and an international governing body for the field of athletics, IAAF organises this day every year with a focus on fitness and health. 

World Athletics Day 2021 Significance 

The Day’s celebration started with an aim for young and old to be fit and healthy. The World Athletics Day gave a chance to schools, colleges and various other institutions to promote their children’s interests in various other sports.

World Athletics Day 2021 Objectives

Popularising sports among youths

Boosting Athletics and making it the primary sport in schools and institutions

Increasing public awareness about sports

Connecting the youth, sport, and environmental conservation

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