Who are the lead members of “Waris Punjab de” Lovepreet Toofan and Amritpal Singh

After the commotion on the streets of Amritsar, there was destabilization in that city.

Amritsar has been going through a ruckus for a couple of days. The situation escalated after supporters of Amritpal Singh and pro-Khalistan activists took to the streets to protest the police. Thus, Amritpal Singh organized a sizable demonstration in front of the Ajnala police station in Amritsar on Friday. The display got huge, and it led to the release of his close friend Lovepreet Toofan from custody.

Later, “Waris Punjab De” supporters and members were seen brandishing swords in front of the police station during the commotion. It was followed by the demonstration led by Amritpal Singh, while the Punjab Police attempted to build a barricade to prevent any injuries between the groups.

actor and activist Deep Sidhu, who passed away in a car accident in February of last year, founded the group “Waris Punjab De.” Punjab police opted to release Lovepreet Toofan on Thursday after speaking with the leader of “Waris Punjab De” and his supporters.

Therefore, the second leader of Waris Panjab De, a social organization with a strong Punjabi focus, is Amritpal Singh Sandhu, born on January 17, 1993. Barinder Singh, a resident of Chamkaur Sahib in the Rupnagar district, was allegedly kidnapped and beaten before a case was filed against Amritpal Singh and his 30 supporters.

Despite being accused of kidnapping, Toofan’s family insists that he is innocent and has been wrongfully connected to the case.

Though they admit that Toofan participated in volunteer work for Amritpal’s organization, they contest his involvement in the kidnapping.

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