UP govt has largest budget in state’s history; Ayodhya to be developed as model city

The Uttar Pradesh government announced the largest budget in the history of UP.

The Finance Minister of Uttar Pradesh Suresh Kumar Khanna recently presented the Budget which focused on youth. And a total of Rs 6,90,000 crores have been allocated. This is the largest in the history of UP. The Budget aims to build a self-reliant UP and make UP a 1 trillion USD economy. Ayodhya to be developed as model solar city.

Key Highlights of UP Budget 2023-23

  • Chief Minister Kanya Sumangala Yojana: Rs. 1050 crores allocated
  • The State Government allocated Rs 4,032 crores for destitute widows
  • Samuhik Vivah: Rs 600 crores allocated. This scheme is for girls of all classes and will help in their marriage
  • Swami Vivekananda Youth Empowerment Scheme: To provide tablets and smartphones; Rs 3600 crores allocated
  • Rs 21,159 crores allocated for the construction of roads and bridges
  • Rs 6,209 crores for maintenance of roads and bridges
  • Rs 3,473 crores for building agricultural marketing facilities
  • Rs 1,525 crores to construct rural roads
  • Rs 1,850 crores to construct railway overhead bridges
  • Rs 2,588 crores to widen the state highways
  • Rs 2,538 crores for widening district roads
  • DHARMARTH MARG: To boost religious tourism: Rs 1000 crores
  • Rs 150 crores allocated for the Marriage Grant Scheme. It is for daughters of OBC families
  • Rs 3000 crores proposed from State Road Fund to maintain roads in the state
  • Investment Target set to Rs 10 lakh crores
  • Target: 20,000 new jobs to be created within one year
  • Rs 7,248 crores proposed for a Pension scheme
  • Rs 12,631 crores proposed for National Rural Health Mission
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