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Unemployment rate for 15-24 years of youth touches 15.6% in world, says ILO

The “Global Employment Trends for Youth 2022” report, released recently suggests that the unemployment rate among youth aged 15-24 has reached to 15.6% across the world. 

It is three times of the unemployment rate among adult, says this report released by International Labour Organisation (ILO), as a part of Global Call to Action for “human-centred recovery from Covid-19 pandemic”.

Important findings of the report include;

  • As per report, number of unemployed young population has decreased from 75 million in 2021 to 73 million in 2022. However, this number is still 6 million more than the number before covid-19 pandemic.
  • Unemployment rate in Africa is 12.7%, below the global average of 14.9%. This figure highlights that, young people have withdrawn from labour markets.
  • In India, schools were closed for 18 months. Out of 240 million school-going children, just 8% in rural and 23% in urban areas had access to online education. As a result, 92% children have lost one foundational ability in language on an average. 82% children have lost at least one foundational ability in mathematics. 

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