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The significance of Arunachal Foundation Day

It is traditional to celebrate Arunachal Pradesh Statehood Day on February 20. The day honors AP's creation as a separate state.

Arunachal Pradesh Statehood Day is celebrated on February 20, 1987. The unidentified peaks and unknown forests of the Arunachal Pradesh state of India lie behind the eastern walls of the Himalayas. Between the biggest and least populated of the Seven Sisters septet of states that make up India’s tumultuous, tribal Northeast are nestled the Tibetan plateau, the steamy jungles of Burma, the mountains of Bhutan, and the flood-prone plains of the Brahmaputra River.

Arunachal Pradesh is a state that is known for its energy and patriotism. Thus, the residents of the state have helped India advance in several fields. In the upcoming years, may Arunachal Pradesh continue to make strides forward.

On February 20, 1987, Arunachal Pradesh was legally established as a state. Thus, it was known as the North-East Frontier Agency until 1972 (NEFA). On January 20, 1972, it was renamed Arunachal Pradesh and became a Union Territory.

The first Council of Ministers began office on August 15, 1975. The establishment of an elected Legislative Assembly. However, in February 1978, the Assembly’s first general election took place. Thus, 16 districts make up the state, ensuring proper governance. Itanagar, found in the Papum Para district, as the state’s capital. The name Itanagar was obtained from the building of Ita Fort, which means Fort of Bricks, in the fourteenth century AD.

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