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Latest UpdatesNewsThe New parliament Inaugural ceremony will be held on 28th may

The New parliament Inaugural ceremony will be held on 28th may

The new parliament is shaped in a triangular form to utilize more space

One of the most anticipated inaugural events of the new parliament will take place on 28th May 2023. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the building. The central Vista project has included the new parliament as a part of the redevelopment.

On December 20th, Prime Minister Narender Modi laid the foundation stone before the infrastructure of the building. The building was set to be built by October 2022. However, due to various reasons, the project was not finished on time.

The composition of the new parliament includes Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Central Hall Joint Session, Central Lounge, Constitutional Hall, and the offices. The triangular shape of the building gives more space to utilize. Thus, the building is built at a cost of approximately Rs 1000 crore.

Therefore, after 2026, the number of seats in both houses is anticipated to increase to ensure new arrangements for the new members.

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