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The first circus creator passes away

Circus owner Sankaran dies at 99

Not long ago when people used to go with their families on weekends to enjoy circuses. The circuses used to hold plenty of shows and performances which still have a place in the heart of the audiences.

At the age of 99, Gemini Sankaran, the nation’s first circus creator, passed away. He allegedly passed away around 11:40 p.m. on Sunday at a hospital in Kannur. He had just been brought to the hospital and apparently passed away from age-related problems.

Sankaran began training for the circus while still in school. Later, He found his way back to the circus as a trapeze performer after a number of failed attempts, including working at a grocery store and subsequently the British Army.

However,  In 1951, he purchased his own circus, which he named Gemini Circus. He found success in this world as an artist and businessman. He performed in the circus on the horizontal bar and the flying trapeze. Later he acquired Jumbo Circus.

Sankaran joined the circus when it included lions, elephants, and other animals. He significantly influenced its modernization. The circus saw a slump with the prohibition on animals. When he was at his best, he represented the nation in the circus industry. His circus arena served as the location for several movies, including Mera Naam Joker. The 99-year-old Gemini Sankaran, the Lord of the Ring and the Father of Indian Circus, has died, author NS Madhavan twitter.

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