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The first Apple store is now launched in Mumbai

CEO Tim Cook inaugurated the store and greeted people with folded hands

The Apple CEO Tim Cook today greets fans and swung open the gates to the 28,000 square foot store. On Thursday, the national capital of Delhi will welcome the opening of Apple’s second retail location in India. 

By serving as a one-stop shop for the purchase of goods, services, and accessories, an Apple store aims to offer customers a first-rate experience. Thus, these establishments’ amazing architecture further enhances the unparalleled shopping experience.

Later, the launch of Apple’s two retail locations in India has sparked a lot of enthusiasm among the general public, particularly among consumers of the tech giant’s goods. Fans have come all the way from Gujarat and Rajasthan to witness the store’s grand opening.

Several other people who were in line stated they had been there since the previous night. They were observed flashing Apple gadgets.

Therefore, Apple’s expansion intentions for India are demonstrated through the opening of its retail locations. Due mostly to the exorbitant costs of its goods, the tech giant presently holds a share of just approximately 4% of India’s enormous smartphone market, which is dominated by Chinese and South Korean producers. The corporation is currently concentrating on a retail drive in the second-largest mobile phone market in the world. Additionally, local manufacturing has begun to grow.

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